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Luke Kindt vs Cobra Rhodes ArmWars

Luke Kindt vs Cobra Rhodes ArmWars






Devon Larratt nr.1 Ranked armwrestler in the world

Devon Larratt nr.1 Ranked armwrestler in the world



Devon Larratt on Michael Todd

Devon Larratt discusses his upcoming match against The Monster Michael Todd.


Devon Larratt’s CrossFit Workout

Devon’s CrossFit Workout

Devon’s CrossFit workout for armwrestling.


The UAL Supermatch Bagent vs Larratt

The UAL Supermatch Bagent vs Larratt

Travis “The Beast” Bagent vs Davon “No Limits” Larratt

Travis “The Beast” Bagent 3 Wins 1 Loss Left Arm “Winner”

Devon “No Limits” Larratt 3 Wins 0 Losses Right Arm “Winner”


Ion Oncescu vs many others ( Oncescu vs 500 )

Ion Oncescu vsĀ  many others ( Oncescu vs 500 )

Ion Oncescu, the national, and world champion, armwrestled 520 people.

He beat them all, and he said, next is going to armwrestle 700 / 800 people.